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Earn with the power of GPU Miners

Earn 10% Daily for Next 20 Days

We are always adding the latest Hardware & Pooling Configs daily.

Due to the volatility and BTC price fluctuations we found short term contracts were much more profitable for our clients and sustainability is our main goal day to day. Majority of our return customers ask for longer term contracts with a lower return percentage, please reach out to our support team for more information.

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The Future of Investment Here with Smart Mining System


Automatic Earnings Every Day

Additional GPU Mining Operation

Our Smart mining contract allows each user to receive the daily bonus for the following 20 days. generating a fast and lucrative investment plan also a return of all your investment in just 10 days. in the next 10 days the user receives the residual profits of the mining contract.

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Most Popular Mining Contract, Select One

Regular Plan
Amount to Invest
0.01000 BTC
  • Duration Plan 20 Days
  • You will be mine for 20 continuous day, you can withdraw instantly
Meddle Plan
Amount to Invest
0.20000 BTC
  • Duration Plan 20 Days
  • You will be mine for 20 continuous day, you can withdraw instantly
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Advance Plan
Amount to Invest
1.00000 BTC
  • Duration Plan 20 Days
  • You will be mine for 20 continuous day, you can withdraw instantly
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Profit Calculator

Daily Int


Daily Income


Total Return


Check How Works Our Smart Mining Contract

This is how our smart mining structure looks, thanks to our investors we can quickly assemble new mining equipment, and make it work in just 2-3 days.

illustration showing data analysis
Deposit in bitcoins and earn bitcoins

BEST Lucrative Investment Plan For 2018

You capture profits & we expand our operations!

For Q1 2018 we are offering generous returns for new clients. Our road map (Being published currently) we plan on lowering this to accommodate for recent price changes.

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for 20 days
Start with as little as 0.005 BTC. Instant Withdrawals. 200% total return. Earn each calendar day.

Calculate your profit

Use the calculator to see what you could earn with us!

Investment Calculator

  • Daily Return

  • Daily Return

    0.10000000 BTC
  • Total Return

    1.50000000 BTC
Maximum deposit $10k (Without Verification) Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.005 BTC.

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Affiliate Program

Refer & Earn More Profits!

Lucrative Referral system for new clients.

Using your referral link (Found inside your investors area) you can invite freinds & family and earn 4% from their active deposit. If you are a Super Affiliate contact us for better rates or partnership.

Become a Partner


Standard Commission


Representative Commission
How to become an affiliate?

Cryptocurrency News

Jan-19-2018 05:53:08 PM

If you’re searching for a dependable online cryptocurrency Mining company that provides you with a safe online platform and a profitable income on a daily basis from any part of the world, then you’re in the right place.

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